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As an avid CBC listener, I am always pumped to hear of a great new band. What gets me even more pumped is to see/hear great local bands that I spent many a night listening to and many a day talking with get some CBC love. So, when I saw both Woodpigeon and then Summerlad as the featured bands for CBC Session my heart got warm and fuzzy with Calgary love.

Woodpigeon in Session

Summerlad in Session

Summerlad is very near and dear to my heart and I was around when the band first started getting some action in Calgary. Having worked with two members, Aaron Fisher and Dean Martin at the lovely Cafe Beano, I heard a lot about Summerlad and got to witness a little of the shaping of the band.

Woodpigeon, another great Calgary band got started not very long ago in my memory and I remember the first time I heard of them. At a show at Broken City to see Julie Doiron play I ran into some old freids which in turn introduced me to new friends which in turn introduced me to 1/4 of Woodpigeon (1/4 is still so many people, they have 16 in the band!)

These little tales of almost fame have absolutely nothing to do with how great their music is and how much I think the Calgary scene is doing to support their local bands and to push to boundaries of music. Whether it be the heart pounding, skid dancing, electro shouting music of SIDS or the post rock ambient sounds of Azeda Booth, the Calgary music scene is changing and for the better. Who knows, maybe Lethbridge is next? “Endangered Ape in Session”, Atrophy Manuscript as “New Music track of the day” the now defunct Kids n’ Pets (but maybe in the future together again?) reaching the R3 30 charts. Its too bad that people in this very town write off Lethbridge as backwater nothing, but there is so much talent and so much going here, it just takes a little risk to find out. So do it!


Kfresh and I collaberated on playing this wicked awesome 40 min long Summerlad track. Its sooooooo good! Check it out on myspace.

Artist – Track – Album * Canadain Content

1. *Summerlad – City of Noise – City of Noise

2. *The Torrent – I You Me – EP07

3. Sons and Daughters – Splti Lips – This Gift

4. *Broken Social Scene – Lovers Spit – Bee Hives

5. *The Silver Mt. Zion Orchestra Tr-la-la Band – Horses in the Sky – Horses in the Sky

6. Bright Eyes – Land Locked Blues – I’m wide awake, it’s morning

7. Mates of State – Along for the Ride – All Day

8. *Said the Whale – Lady Hourglass, Your Head is on Fire

9. *Stephen Trothen – Hats and Mitts – Lesson to Knit

10. The Owls – Peppermint Patty – Daughters and Suns

11. Tullycraft – Bored to hear your heart still breaks – Every Scene needs a centre

12. *The Wind Whistle – Where does the garbage go? – Window Sills

13. *Listening Party – Boy Scouts Honour – Who are we missing

14. *Holy Fuck! – The Pulse – Holy Fuck!