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This week was too awesome.  Driving  Dan Savage from Lethbridge to Calgary (more on that later…), finally seeing Rust Never Sleeps and hanging out with  Chad VanGaalen makes this  pretty much the best week of 2009.

This show was a little short but most definitely sweet.

Artist – Title Track – Album * = Canadian

*Paper Moon – What Are You Going to do With Me? – What Are You Going to do With Me?

*Mathias Mental – She’s A Character – The Happiest Boy in Montreal

Beruit – The Shrew – March of the Zapotec

*Tony Dekker – Eyes on the Prize – Song Sung Blue

*Meadowharklemon – Sand – Twists

*Julie Doiron – Me and my Friend – Woke Myself Up

Kris Kristofferson – Why Me? – The Austin Sessions

*Sunparlour Player – Pacifists Anthem – Hymns for the Happy

The Decemberists – A Cautionary Song (live)

Dan Auerbach – When the Night Comes – Keep it Hid

*Joel Plaskett Emergency – All the Pretty Faces – Truthfully, Truthfully

*The Dears – 22: The Death of all Romance – 22: The Death of all Romance LP

Pick of the week:  Sunparlour Player’s Pacifists Anthem. This band makes the best mustard I have ever eaten.  Seriously, order it. You’ll thank me.