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Music news, music news, music news…

Trying hard to come up with something original but alas no dice so here is some regurgitated info that you may or may not care about:

1. Indie fav’s Endangered Ape, Los Cremators and The Pine Tarts are doing an Alberta Boom tour which looks to be the best thing to happen to Alberta since the tar sands. Seriously, its going be freakin’ awesome. Playing at The Palomino in Calgary on the 5th with Thee Thems, label mates of The Sharp Ends and Hazard Lights. (thanks for the Facebook friend request guys!) , Hooliganzing it in Edmonton on the 6th with The Wicked Awesomes (who are very true to their name) and ending off in Lethbridge at The Slice. Amongst the 100 983 848 999 reasons to go to these shows, the 100 983 848 998th reason is the chance to pick up an Alberta Boom compilation ON TAPE. Yah, that’s freakin’ right. And you though 7inches were indie? F that noise.Full of good old fashioned Alberta indie, this tape will get you laid faster than a Delorean.

For more info on the tour, Endangered Ape and being awesome in general check out E Ape’s blog…Its full of nerdy music good times.

2. Speaking of 7 inches and The Wicked Awesome’s….I just nabbed their 7inch split with Montreal brothers from another mother O Voids at the Lethbridge show at The Zoo. Its freakin’ sweet as all get out and the album cover art is prime A quality. Check out how to order this this gold star split from Seven Ten Twelve.

3. Chinese Democracy finally happened.

4. CBC Radio Three did myself and an excellent friend of mine a huge solid with some free Martha Wainwright Tix for the Calgary show this Sunday. That’s right boys and girls; me and a Wainwright. What an intimate affair.


Yep, Lethbridge’s own Endangered Ape is touring across the globe this month! Ok, not globe but some very lucky spots will be hit with some crazy amount of sexy pretty soon, them plus The Wicked Awesome’s, whats up! Check out their MySpace page for tour dates, as well as listen to their music. They just recently finished recording which is good because previously the songs they had up on MySpace sounded terrible, which is a real shame as they sound great in real life.

Here’s a video of E. Ape playing at a recent chairty event held yearly in Lethbridge, Art for Peace. They’re far way which is sad for the audience but Radam’s sexiness radiated through the rain clouds and they sound like mean bad ass rock stars (which they are, I have proof in a bruise on my arm that the bassist gave me before the show right before he chugged a two-four of Russian Prince Vodka)

Also in Lethbridge’s local music scene – The Slice Bar and Grill has some wicked shows coming up including Wax Mannequin, The Wicked Awesomes, Animal Names, Beija Flor, and Women. Check out their MySpace too! I recommend “The Slice Special” pizza, with no sausage, because eating animal muscle tissue is gross.

I would tell you about other show at other venues but Lethbridge doesn’t have any venues other than The Slice right now. Which I guess is awesome if you love The Slice and hate finding new places, or have a bad sense of direction.

CBC Radio 3’s brand new podcast features none other that the upcoming Sled Island Festival held in my home town of Calgary AB. I plan on soaking up enough music Friday and Saturday to make my inner music nerd puke. It’s going to be so awesome.

Here is the link to the podcast….it is chock full of local darlings from Calgary and the surronding area. Besides being able to see Mogwai and Yo La Tengo, Lethbridge’s own Endangered Ape will be rockin’ the collective house’s of Sled Island fans. Can’t wait ’till Sled Island? Need a preview? Well, tonight at The Slice, Endangered Ape, The Void, Hazard Lights and The Ostrich are all rockin’ out H Core. Need more? Well, then! Tuesday night in Lethbridge at The Knights of Columbus hall (125 – 13th St N) you can see DD/MM/YYYY, Mt. Royal, Endangered Ape, Atrophy Manuscript and Women. Be sure to check both shows….