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We have had one caller hang up on us.

and I am drinking a delcious hot beverage out of my CKXU mug. It is heart warming.

I am going on air in 31 minutes to co-host Torrid Love Affair. We are giving away a wicked playlist incentive. The first pledge of $50.oo gets a wicked pack of playlist stuff: Brendan Canning, Pica Beats, Chad Vangaalen, Darker my Love plus a wicked button PLUS a Friends card and a CKXU FUNdrive Tee.

It will be sweet. tune in. midnight-2am. CKXU 88.3 or


FUNdrive live blog update:

Right now, Tequila Sunrise is up and at ’em and FUNdriving. We are only $97 dollas away from five grand and we are itching for that five grand.

The radio station is totally full of FUNdrive love and flies. Mostly flies and right now it is just Girl O’Clock, MattyP and I Miss JP chilling and taking your mad pledges.

So call on up. I’ll keep updating on funny stuff and new FUNdrive totals as well as the bestest and brightest of awesomeness.

Tonight,  midnight to 2am I will be guest hosting with my good pal, Kyle on his show Torrid Love Affair. SO EXCITED!