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I am not at SXSW. Pbone, CKXU’s music director is though and I am living vicariously through his tweets. Also, twitter is the biggest thing ever right now. This is what it must have felt like to be part of the hula hoop craze.

Artist РSong РAlbum  * = Canadian

The Badhand – Pls Answer UR Phone – in this line wish you happiness

Giraffe Running – Comic Strip – Giraffe Running

*dd/mm/yyyy – Vantan – dd/mm/yyyy

*The Ostrich – Don’t Rock – Pizza Records: Party Pack 7inch (get it, its worth your trouble)

*Thee Thems – Oh Shit! – Pizza Records: Party Pack 7inch

Cotton Jones – Some Strange Rain – Paranoid Cocoon

The Lil’ Hospital – Nothing Like a Car Crash – The Lil’ Hospital 7inch

*The Maynards – Dance Fight ’83 – Date and Destroy (They’re from Halifax!)

*Cuff the Duke – Anti-Social – Cuff the Duke (I have seen Wayne Petti in his skivies. It’s pretty hot)

*Miesha and the Spanks – Bedroom Back – Miesha and the Spanks 7inch

The Handsome Family – I Fell

Bonnie Prince Billy – Without Work, You Have Nothing – Beware

Vetiver – Through the Front Door – Tight Knit

Belle and Sebastian – Like Dylan in the Movies – The BBC Sessions

Yellow Fever – Culver City – Yellow Fever 7inch

The Flaming Lips – Can’t Get You out of My Head – Fight Test

Monster Bobby – Work in the Morning – Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope

* Tokyo Police Club – Shoulders and Arms – A Lesson in Crime

*The Balcony – Rest Up – The Balcony EP

*Stolen Minks – Shut Up

Pick of the Week: Miesha and the Spanks. A wicked voice, a killer band and gold vinyl? Sold.

Sasquatch (re: better then SXSW anyway…) pre-view:

M. Ward!


Artist –¬† Track Title – Album * = Canadian

Radiohead – Jigsaw Falling into Pieces – In Rainbows

David Byrne and Brain Eno – Everything that Happens – Everything that Happens Will Happen Today

Mogwai – My Father My King – My Father My King

*Beija Flor – Northern Figures – The Quiet One and the Lonely One

The Decemberists – When the War Came – The Crane Wife

*Women – Group Transport Hall – Him Who is There

*Chrisariffic – Untitled – Him Who is There

Fleetwood Mac (live) – Not that Funny – Fleetwood Mac Live

*Brian Borcherdt – While I was Asleep – Coyotes

*Great Lake Swimmers – Eyes on the Prize – Song Sung Blue EP

*The O Voids – On Fire – The O Voids/ Wicked Awesomes 7inch split

*The Wicked Awesomes – Fighting the Wolf Spirit – The O Voids/Wicked Awesomes 7inch split

*Endangered Ape – Tales of a Survivalist Horror pt. 2 – Check out Mammoth Cave Records for the mp3’s of the Alberta Boom mixtape.

Portastic – And I was a Boy From School – Some Small History

*Anathallo – Bells – Canopy Glow

Thom York – Skip Divided – The Eraser

Pick of the Week: David Byrne and Brian Eno, Everything that Happens Will Happen Today. Eno and Bryne together again! Check out this live stream from their website, they are all too happy to share the love.