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Man, oh man. CKXU Loved me up last night. To everyone who came out a big “Whats up!” and a huge thanks to Jesse at The Slice, The Darby and Joan Club, MBF, DJ Deamon, Shane the Libarian, KidsandPets, Favor, Atrophy Manuscript, Kris Ellestad and all the amazing volunteers who helped make it a wicked night!

Two words: PI!!!

Alright, here’s my post valentines party playlist. My broken heart not withstanding.

Artist – Track Title – Album * = Canadian!

1. *The Buzzing Bees – Sorry, I was too busy being awesome (dedicated to Kfresh with birthday wishes.) – Beep Beep I’m a Jeep

2.*Frog Eyes – ….Ship Destroyer – The Folded Palm

3.French Toast – Seen me – In a Cave

4.Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Maps – Fever to Tell

5. Sons and Daughters – House in my head – This Gift

6. The Gossip – no no no – Movement

7. *Fond of Tigers – Pemburmenn maple wolfs – Release the Saviours

8. Peter Botzmann and Peeter Uuskyla – Born Broke – Born Broke

9. River Cuomo – Lovers in the Snow – Alone

10. *The Wind Whistles – Good friends wont rip you off – Window Sills

11. *Julie Doiron – Don’t wanna be/liked by you – Woke Myself Up

12. Paper Airplane – Political Lunch – Middlemarch

13. *Stephen Trothen – Learning to Knit – Lesins to Knit

14. Aster – Run away from the suits – Some things seldom heard

15. Kimya Dawson – Loose Lips – Juno OST

16. Belle and Sebastian – Expectations – Juno OST

17. Mott the Hopple – All the young dudes – Juno OST

18. Mogwai – My Father, My King – My Father, My King

19. Explosions in the Sky – Catastrophe and the cure – All of a sudden, I miss everyone

20. Juke Joint Pimps – I can’t be satisfied – Bring the House Down, Juke Joint Style

21. *The Pack – Bang – Tintype

22. Wu Man and The Kronos Quartet – The Cusp of Magic – The Cusp of Magic